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The New American Boy Band: BROCKHAMPTON

By: Connor Craney
The New American Boy Band: BROCKHAMPTON

by Modern Spaceman

3 months ago

The American boy band, a word that pulls to mind groups like the Justin Timberlake led N’ Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and who could forget One Direction. There's a certain type of music that goes hand in hand with this title, one most self-proclaimed Hip-Hop heads would likely not associate with. Yet, the Kevin Abstract led artistic collective calling themselves BROCKHAMPTON are on a mission to redefine the American Boy Band, and so far they’ve been making lots of waves in the Hip-Hop community doing just that. The group has managed to drop not one, but two full length studio albums in the length of this short summer as well as a plethora of incredibly original music videos and they don’t plan to be stopping anytime soon, so let’s take a deeper look into what makes BROCKHAMPTON so special.

BROCKHAMPTON itself has 15 members, all living in a shared home in Northern Hollywood so music can always be at the forefront of the members priorities. The group's debut album actually came in 2016, titled All-American Trash. The album is an interesting mix of many genres and has an incredibly unique sound. However, BROCKHAMPTON really hit their stride during the beginning of this past summer with the release of their second studio album, Saturation. I can honestly say I fell in love with this album, with it’s unique style of Hip-Hop and some of the cleanest production I’ve yet to hear. The accompanying music videos also caught my eye, they are simple but artistic and have you sucked in from beginning to end. Yet, the group wouldn’t be done there, dropping their third studio album Saturation II on August 25th. Yes, that is two studio albums in the span of around three months, a feat that seems nearly impossible.

Many would fear that this quantity would come at the cost of quality, but with 15 members always running their creative juices at full blast, both of the albums managed to be nothing short of excellent. What’s more, the group has also released their first single and music video for their third studio album, Saturation III, with a release date still pending. It seems like BROCKHAMPTON isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. The group is actually touring as we speak, and I’d highly suggest catching a show if they are stopping anywhere near you, they’re truly a can’t miss.

The origin of the group is also something out of a fairy-tale, all meeting on a popular Kanye West internet forum and deciding to launch the group BROCKHAMPTON from there, behind the walls of their respective computer screens. It’s hard to believe something that happened by such chance, is working so well. Every rapper in the group brings with them their own unique sound, and with multiple producers in house always putting out beats, there’s a lot of opportunity for amazing songs. Not to mention the in house photographers and artists that also make up the group guarantees the merch is fresh and the music video quality won’t be slowing down. The group also holds within it an incredible amount of diversity, representing various races, countries, and sexual orientations. In a recent world where it seems discrimination and bigotry are everywhere, BROCKHAMPTON along with the younger generation is showing that all of that hate has no place in our modern world.

BROCKHAMPTON die hard fans know new music will be coming soon, but for now, two full length projects in a few short months has our hands full with music already. This constant stream of new music brought the group tons of exposure, this summer taking their monthly Spotify listeners from below 20,000 to just below 1 million, and rightfully so. With a bigger following every day, make sure you aren’t sleeping on BROCKHAMPTON, or pretty soon you might just be out of the loop.


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