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Sylvan Lacue Continues to Send Out Good Vibes

By: Danny Martin
Sylvan Lacue Continues to Send Out Good Vibes

by Modern Spaceman

2 months ago

In an age where rappers come in all shapes and forms, up and coming artist Sylvan Lacue finds his own niche in the community. With about a quarter of a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Lacue focuses on spreading his own message of positivity and self growth, similar to Logic, whose main focus is peace, love, and positivity.

The story of Sylvan Lacue is not a fun one to tell. Facing his own demons and struggles along the way, he made it out the other side, giving himself his own spot in today’s hip hop culture. His rap career began in 2009, but back then, he rapped under the name QuESt, later changing it to his birth name. It was in 2009 when Lacue won a competition called Battle of the MCs, awarding him a spot on the TAG record label. However, if moving out of your mother’s home at 17 isn’t a hard enough u-turn, once he won the competition, the label would flop only a couple months later. Flash forward to 2011, Lacue, living on his own now, worked full time as a janitor and rapped on the side. When his father was released from jail he convinced his son to let him move in and take over rent and other bills, allowing his son to focus on music and allowing himself a place to stay and regain his footing fresh out of jail. After his father’s failed attempts to take over the finances, the two found themselves with an eviction notice, leaving Lacue to question continuation of his dream of being a hip hop icon.

With his back against the wall, Lacue needed a fresh start and a new place to make a name for himself. In early 2013, he landed himself a spot on tour with current rap superstar Logic, back when he toured for his mixtape, Welcome to Forever. After several months on tour, Lacue was signed on to Visionary Music Group and was able to focus on his music as a full time career. In 2014, Sylvan Lacue, still performing under the name QuESt, released his critically acclaimed mixtape, Searching Sylvan. This mixtape traced over Lacue’s hardships and drew in the well deserved acclaim from the Huffington Post. The Mixtape is 17 tracks long and 13 of the songs have over 100,000 plays, some even reaching over half a million.

Lacue continued to work hard during the years that followed, taking every step with the hope he could better understand himself. A year after joining VMG, he left to become an independent rapper, which would eventually blossom into Lacue’s own collective Wise Up Co. The following year he dropped his stage name QuESt when he came to the realization that his birth name was a better representation of both him and his music. In 2016, Lacue dropped his debut album Far from Familiar. The album meant so much more than a form of self expression to Lacue; it was the story of him coming to acceptance with what is and what was.

Keeping up with Lacue now, it is obvious that he took finding himself as an opportunity to assist others on this journey. The trend began with the single, “Best Me”, releasing in mid-October of 2016. Recent singles such as “Grateful” and “Selfish” both support this idea. Lacue even remixed “Best Me” in early 2017, followed by his agreement to tour with Chicago artist Saba. Like most artists, this recent leak of singles is all in preparation for his next album, Apologies in Advance, whose name was released on Twitter. Although the release date hasn’t been announced to the public, a tweet from Lacue himself shows he has already decided on a date. For the public, it is only a matter of time until he lets us know too.

Flying under the radar for many, listening to Sylvan Lacue is probably not yet something common among you and your friends. However, as a lyrical rapper, if you lean more towards the conscious side of today’s rap, then give Lacue a chance and I bet he’ll find his way into your playlist.



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