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Turn the Tap!

By: Connor Craney
Turn the Tap!

by Modern Spaceman

10 months ago

Drink Water. It seems like something that shouldn’t need to be stated, but two young snowboarders from Oregon have turned the simple concept of drinking water into a successful, up and coming brand. They don’t sell water and promise they never will. Instead they sell an ideology and a powerful reminder that water is the best thing to be putting into your body.

The co-founders of the brand are Austin Smith and Bryan Fox, two dominant pro-snowboarders known for their incredible backcountry ability. They have experienced first hand the influence of drink companies in the extreme sports world, with Red Bull, Monster, or other energy drink companies plastered all over every event, which seemed a bit ridiculous to the two. They thought that all the content being blasted into everyone's minds was to consume something that wouldn’t replenish your electrolytes or even hydrate you. Starting in 2011, Drink Water emerged as a simple reminder that at the end of the day, the best thing to be putting into your body isn’t some soda, energy drink, or sports drink; it’s simply water. It’s healthy, it’s cheap, it’s water. Austin and Bryan also prefer it straight from the tap; a pure, sustainable way to acquire what we all need to survive.

In cooperation with its goal of pushing people to drink water, the company also diverts 10% of its profits to, a company dedicated to providing clean drinking water for those on who are not fortunate enough to be able to simply turn a tap and get the clean water they need. They believe this is one of the easiest ways to break the poverty cycle. It is weird to think how many of us take our access to water for granted, never worrying about the cleanliness or general quality of the water we are putting into our bodies, not even coming close to imagining flicking the tap and having no water come out. Yet, all around the world, many are left with dirty, disease ridden water as their only choice. Austin and Bryan, as well as the whole of, are taking steps in the right direction to guaranteeing clean water for all.  

Drink Water has also been consistently delivering some incredibly sick gear. From unique graphic tees to insanely fresh windbreakers, the Drink Water store is chock-full of goodies. They also deliver some of the best water bottles I’ve ever had the privilege to use. The bottles are double stainless steel and and come with a vacuum seal in between the layers, so the drinks stay cold or hot for ridiculous amounts of time. Drink Water also puts out video clips from time to time, and just recently released Mediocre Madness, a short 8-minute film about Drink Water’s 20-man snowboarding trek through the great state of Oregon.


ENERGY from Drink Water on Vimeo.



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